Jennifer O Connor - Hole In The Road lyrics

There's a hole in the road
I forget every time
And the impact it shocks me
Right out of my mind
When I'm thinking of you
And the way that you left
Leaving all of us wishing
We had taken that step
And said hello, said we cared
Hadn't been frozen, scared
By a beauty so painful
I'm underprepared to lose

And if your memory had a timeline
I'd know right where to begin
Driving down that road in Georgia
When the first chords started in
Rape me like an arrow
A ray of light from the sun
And I didn't know I was a target
'Til you made me feel like one
And I was hit in the heart
A bright green shot in the dark
And I knew right then what I had to end
And what I had to start

It's only been one week
Who knows how many will follow
I can only hope that the air in me
Slowly comes a little bit easier this time
Maybe tomorrow

There's a hole in the road
And I guess I'm not surprised
Even though I thought they'd fixed it
Since the last time we drove by
But you can never be too careful
Keep your eyes open wide
And maybe next time you'll remember to
Remember every time
And I hope that you're okay
And I'm sorry that you couldn't stay
And if I ever have the chance again
I'll know exactly what to say