Jennifer Nettles - In The Air lyrics

Seems lately I cry at the drop of a hat
And I want to lash out but you're not here to lash out at.
And I want a moment not to even consider the odds
And I want to place a kiss, full on the mouth of God

I welcome the pain of conflict for the joy of resolution
Embrace the problem for the peace of solution
And claim the injustice for the thrill of revolution

It's in the air, it's as hot as Atlanta burning
Be careful. Beware.
It's a deep-rooted call, it's a deep-rooted yearning

I am a master of disguise, I am resilient
And the winged spirits talk to me
And their messages are brilliant
Cause I can creep right in and
I can sit right down
And I can slip right out before you know I've been
Around this block a time or two
And if you won't hold it against me, I won't hold it against you.


The vultures are circling and they're waiting for me to die
And I laugh my best laugh cause I know their last meal will be humble pie
I'll be their dyke-like darling, be nocturnal release
'Til they find they want more
And when they're done with their feeding and I've stopped my bleeding
I'll grab my bloody boot strap and pull up off the floor