Jen Chapin - I Could Fall lyrics

If I could split you wide open
And mine the jewels of your mind
I swear I wouldn't get too greedy
I'd leave riches still to find

If I could meet you all over again
And this time I didn't hide
But I revealed to you every last little part of me
Laid all the games aside

I could fall in love with you

If I were close enough to talk to you
If I could soothe your worried head
I would be so grateful if you would just let me in
I'd give you peace instead

If I could take the challenge you offer
Then I would meet you on the way
Our words would dance around each other
And we'd still have so much more to say

I could fall in love with you

You could be the answer to my questions
You could open up my eyes
Maybe someday we could happen
With no compromise

I could fall in love with you