Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit lyrics (Chinese translation). | White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
, One pill makes you larger
, And one pill makes you small
, And...
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Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
ZH: 白兔子-杰斐逊飞机

EN: One pill makes you larger
ZH: 一片让你大

EN: And one pill makes you small
ZH: 一片让你小

EN: And the ones that mother gives you
ZH: 是的母亲给你

EN: Don't do anything at all
ZH: 在所有不会做任何

EN: Go ask Alice
ZH: 去问问爱丽丝

EN: When she's ten feet tall
ZH: 当她是十英尺高

EN: And if you go chasing rabbits
ZH: 如果你去追兔

EN: And you know you're going to fall
ZH: 你知道你会掉下来

EN: Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
ZH: 告诉他们水烟吸烟毛毛虫

EN: Has given you the call
ZH: 给了你电话

EN: Call Alice
ZH: 打电话给爱丽丝

EN: When she was just small
ZH: 她当时只是小

EN: When men on the chessboard
ZH: 当在棋枰上的人

EN: Get up and tell you where to go
ZH: 起床和告诉你到哪里去

EN: And you've just had some kind of mushroom
ZH: 你刚刚有某种蘑菇

EN: And your mind is moving slow
ZH: 你的想法移动速度慢

EN: Go ask Alice
ZH: 去问问爱丽丝

EN: I think she'll know
ZH: 我想她会知道

EN: When logic and proportion
ZH: 当逻辑和比例

EN: Have fallen sloppy dead
ZH: 下降邋遢死

EN: And the White Knight is talking backwards
ZH: 白骑士指的倒退

EN: And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
ZH: 和红皇后的"砍掉她的头!"

EN: Remember what the dormouse said;
ZH: 还记得榛睡鼠的说 ;

ZH: "让你的头