Jeff Lang - Between The Lines lyrics

I'd like to think you can't leave me here

But every highwayman knows - you do what you please

Strand a man searching for your face

In every half-hung tear

And listening for your voice

In any half-heard sneeze

How would it feel to have heard the call

But to fumble the catch and un-hand the ball

Ask the one who has been shaken awake in the night

But to not listen hard enough

Fire a shotgun to the light

I know you're out there (I've felt your hand)

I'll search you out somehow

'Cause there's music waiting

Out in the rain

I'm hearing in it now

I know you're still singing (I strain to hear)

But our work is cut out

'Cause the air around here

Is so full and heavy

With voices all yelling

Voices full of nothing

Voices only selling

Second hand hope

Just to escape who you are

But you've always known better

Than to hide in projections

Or to wear a clever mask

Like paper protection

And in the thunderclap roar

Of my race through and round

The hills of who I am

I see what I could be

As I hear that phone ringing

And I hear her voice

(with yours' between the lines)