Jeff Dunham - Song For Jeff lyrics

Christmas is a time, for reflection.Giving thanks, is the least that we can do. So, lets take a moment, to count our blessings.And all the things, that I have given you. Lets start with your carrer. I'm the reason that your here. Without me they would fire you, no one else would hire you, I think thats very clear.

Forget about t.v., you wouldn't be on it without me. By yourself, you're not able, you bring nothing to the table. Not even Comedy Central, and thats basic cable.

Christmas is a time, to be unselfish. A simple point, on which we all agree. So in the spirit, of Christmas giving, this is what you can give to me. Top billing over you, and a matching tennis shoe. Groupies of my own, I can call on my i-phone, from my home in Malibu. A private dressing room for me, with my own high def t.v., we've established that I'm the star, I want a mini bar, in my showford limousine.

Oh, Jefafa, oh, Jefafa, without me you would suckaka. Oh, Jefafa, oh, Jefafa, you are my b****!