Jay-Z - Tower Hiest (2011)

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Jay-Z - Tower Hiest lyrics

Hey y’all
I got a resolution wishin my …
Yeah you could stay at night
We can go own it and they lied before
Can’t you see that i’m growing i was so immature
I was ruff and having money
Having honeys come to the crib
Takin they shit and they couldn’t get cab money from me
Some .. Get passed the bridge
I went the one .. Sincere
No room service just snack the shit
Wotk with those little debbies
When you’re done your ..
Them chicks i was ..The smash
Then i’m lean on the cash
Would take a long trips then break em with no ..

Y’all i used to switch chicks every day
And it was mad for real like i wish he was gay
They no sooner or later i was getting with jay
Just a matter of time she was getting ..
Have your chick in the traffic
So we’re sipping on say
Speeding after number seven smokers .. In the shade
I’m letting … the time she’s doing ..
She’s on the wrong one like ..