Jay-Z - On To The Next One (On David Letterman) (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Swizz Beats - Chorus]
, I got a million ways to get it
, Choose one (choose one)
, Hey, bring it...
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Jay-Z - On To The Next One (On David Letterman) (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Swizz Beats - Chorus]
ZH: [Swizz 节拍-合唱]

EN: I got a million ways to get it
ZH: 我有 100 万的方式把它

EN: Choose one (choose one)
ZH: 选择其中一个 (选择一种)

EN: Hey, bring it back (bring it back)
ZH: 嘿,带它回 (带回)

EN: Now double your money and make a stack
ZH: 现在你双倍钱和使堆栈

EN: I’m on to the next one
ZH: 我感觉到了下一个

EN: On to the next one
ZH: 看下一个

EN: On to the next one
ZH: 看下一个

EN: On to the next one
ZH: 看下一个

EN: On to the next one
ZH: 看下一个

EN: On to the next one
ZH: 看下一个

EN: On to the next one
ZH: 看下一个

EN: Hold up, freeze
ZH: 等一下冻结

EN: Somebody bring me back some money please,
ZH: 有人请给我拿回一些钱,

EN: [Jay-Z]
ZH: [Jay-] Z

EN: Hov on that new shit n-ggas like how come
ZH: 关于藤黄总那新屎 n-酸 Hov 怎么喜欢

EN: N-ggas want my old sh-t, buy my old album
ZH: N-藤黄总酸想要我老 sh-t,买我的旧专辑

EN: N-ggas stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it moving
ZH: 藤黄总 N-酸困在愚蠢,我得保持它在移动

EN: N-ggas make the same sh-t, me I make the blueprint
ZH: N-藤黄总酸使同一 sh-t,我我使蓝图

EN: Came in Range, hopped out the Lexus
ZH: 在区域中,跳上了雷克萨斯来了

EN: every year since i’ve bin on that next sh-t
ZH: 每年因为我上那下一个 sh-t 纸盒

EN: traded in the gold for the platinum rolex’s
ZH: 在为白金劳力士黄金交易

EN: Now a n-gga wrist match the status of my records
ZH: 现在 n gga 手腕匹配我记录的状态

EN: Used to rock a throwback, ballin on the corner
ZH: 用岩石复古,角上对质

EN: Now I rock a teller suit looking like a owner
ZH: 现在我摇滚出纳员西装看起来像一个所有者

EN: No I'm not a Jonus brother I’m a grown up
ZH: 我不是 Jonus 兄,我是长大了

EN: No I’m not a virgin I use my cahonas
ZH: 我不是处女我用我的 cahonas

EN: I move forward the only direction
ZH: 我向前移动的唯一方向

EN: cant be scared to fail Search and perfection
ZH: 不能怕失败搜索与完善

EN: Gotta keep it fresh even when we sexing
ZH: 要保持新鲜,即使我们性别鉴定

EN: but don’t be mad at him when he’s on to the next one
ZH: 但当他到下一个不要生他的气

EN: Freeze
ZH: 冻结

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: F-ck a throwback jersey cos we on to the next one,
ZH: F-ck 倒退泽西 cos 我们看下一个

EN: and f-ck that autotune cos we oohhhhn,
ZH: 和 f-ck 那自动调谐 cos 我们 oohhhhn,

EN: and n-ggas don’t be mad cos it’s all about progression,
ZH: 和 n-藤黄总酸不会生气的因为它是所有关于级数,

EN: loiterers should be arrested, I used to drink Kristal,
ZH: 应逮捕游荡,我用来喝克利斯特,

EN: muthaf-ckers racist, so I switched Gold Bottles on to that spade sh-t,
ZH: 世上 ckers 种族主义者,所以我换黄金瓶,锹 sh t,

EN: you gon have another drink or you just gon babysit,
ZH: 你尼泊尔政府有再来一杯或你只是尼泊尔政府照顾,

EN: on to the next one, somebody call da waitress,
ZH: 看下一个,有人打电话给 da 的服务员

EN: Baby i’m a boss, i dunno what they do,
ZH: 宝贝我是老板,我也不知道他们在做什么

EN: I don’t get dropped, I dropped the label,
ZH: 我不要掉下去了,我掉了标签,

EN: World can’t hold me, too much ambition,
ZH: 世界不能抱着我,太多的野心

EN: always knew it’d be like this when I was in the kitchen,
ZH: 一直都知道在厨房里时,它会像这样

EN: n-ggas in the same spots, me I’m dodging rain drops,
ZH: n-藤黄总酸中的相同点,我我躲着雨滴,

EN: meaning i’m on vacay, chillin on a big yacht,
ZH: 意思我在配套上、 马桶大游艇上

EN: yeah i go ton flip flops, white louie boat shoes,
ZH: 是的我去吨趿,白路易船鞋,

EN: you should grow the f-ck up,
ZH: 你应该长大 f ck

EN: come here let me coach you,
ZH: 来这里让我教你,

EN: Hold up,
ZH: 举起,

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: Uh, Big pimpin in the house now,
ZH: 呃,大 pimpin 在房子里现在,

EN: bought the land, tore the muthaf-cking house down,
ZH: 买了土地,撕毁了世上华君房子下来,

EN: bought the car, tore the muthaf-cking roof off,
ZH: 买了辆车,撕毁了世上华君屋顶关闭,

EN: ride clean, i don’t ever take the shoes off,
ZH: 骑清洁、 我过不脱鞋子了,

EN: bought the jeep, tore the muthaf-cking doors off,
ZH: 买了辆吉普车,撕毁了世上华君门关闭,

EN: foot out dat b-tch about to sh-t like a skateboard,
ZH: dat b-tch 谈到 sh t 像滑板,出脚

EN: navigation on tryin to find my next thrill,
ZH: 导航上尽力找到我下一次的刺激,

EN: feelin myself i don’t even need an x pill,
ZH: 感觉我自己我甚至不需要 x 丸

EN: can’t chill but my neck will,
ZH: 不能冷,但我的脖子上将,吗

EN: haters really gon be mad off my next deal,
ZH: 仇恨真的尼泊尔政府会疯掉我下一笔交易

EN: uh, i dont know hwy they really worry bout my pockets,
ZH: 呃,我不知道他们真的很担心我的口袋,bout hwy

EN: meanwhile i had Oprah chillin in the projects,
ZH: 同时我已经在项目中,好难受的奥普拉

EN: had her out in Bed Stuy chillin on the steps,
ZH: 在她出去床 Stuy 割舍的步骤,

EN: drinking quarter waters gotta be the best,
ZH: 喝酒季水域得是最好的

EN: MJ at summerjam, Obama on the text,
ZH: MJ 在 summerjam,奧巴馬的文本,

EN: y’all should be afraid of what I’m gonna do next.
ZH: 你们应该是害怕什么下, 一步操作。

EN: Hold up,
ZH: 举起,

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]