Jay-Jay Johanson - Poison lyrics (Chinese translation). | She's a flower she's a rose
, Wonderful when she's close
, But you'll see, don't say I didn't warn...
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Jay-Jay Johanson - Poison (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: She's a flower she's a rose
ZH: 她是一朵花,她是一朵玫瑰

EN: Wonderful when she's close
ZH: 当她是接近的精彩

EN: But you'll see, don't say I didn't warn you
ZH: 但你会看到,别说我没提醒你

EN: Every rose has its thorn
ZH: 每个玫瑰有刺

EN: She poisoned me like a virus
ZH: 她对我下毒像病毒

EN: Her love is running through my veins
ZH: 她的爱我血脉运行

EN: She is extremely contagious
ZH: 她是非常容易传染

EN: All boys will get the same
ZH: 所有男孩都将都得到相同

EN: Blood red lips, lovely smile
ZH: 血红色的嘴唇,那可爱的笑容

EN: But behind something hides
ZH: 但后面的东西隐藏

EN: You will feel, late at night
ZH: 你会觉得,在深夜

EN: Razorteeth take a bite
ZH: Razorteeth 咬了一口

EN: Memories bother me
ZH: 记忆打扰我

EN: She comes back haunting me
ZH: 她来回来缠着我

EN: If I could meet her once again
ZH: 如果能再一次见面

EN: I'd do it all 'til the end
ZH: 我还会做所有到终结