Jay IDK - Hungry (2015)

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Jay IDK - Hungry lyrics

I come, from a city where niggas show you no pitty
If you wearing pennies
They gon aim the semi screaming gimmie
Leave your body
Like inside of Bens Bowl, feeling chilli
Pop yo partna collar
While making the hounda Wheey
Hol up
I never been in this situation before
But if it wasn't rap id probably be selling crack with te FOE FOE
Tucked inside a packet with hunnits lookin for more dough
Or stealing jewelry from upper class houses in Moco
I came from middle class
But that ain't it
All means
Is my moma could feed me which still isn't rich
Probably becuz the loans that's she took
Put her inside a position
With more locks than a prison
With a pot to piss in
But that ain't shit!
So I'm gripping the smiffen
While telling you bag it up quick!
You don't listen
I'm flipping
N Flicking
Now there goes the clip
And I'm aiming at the industry if you don't flock with me
You better fuckin duck
You enemies
If you ain't friends with me
N I ain't got much
Use to be a grimey nigga
Now im Turing into muk
This shot gone happen when it happens
Bitch I don't believe on luck
But I hope it happen soon
Becuz I'm cracking dude, I need my lunch

I attract fly, like the musk of the dung from an elephants bum
Who's Tum
Needed some tums
For the runs
That's a hell of a bar
Tryna rap against me?
That's a hell of a na
I've been studying Big L, 2Pac even Nas
Only becuz in tryna be better than all of them guys
So Understand me when i tell you that
After I pay all my homage
I'm tryna shit and then vomit
Find all the dragon balls
And wish for a commet
To comay homay they ass
As I just sit back eating my popcorn while laugh
I use to write rhymes
When I shoulda be writing in class
Fuck that!
I'm tryna be the Georges Simenon OF RAP
Yea I'm tryna put the passion in rappin
That thugs lack
N I'm hoping that my substance force masses to bump that
Nigga even if the masses don't bump it I come back
Like a crack addicted
Only thing is I'm selling you crack
From from my damn addicts
Which means that it's comming the top
Like a cinder block
On the roof of the tallest of buildings right before it drop
I'll never run out of raps because it's in my heart
I'm like a pimp paying his hoes bail
I free my thoughts

Im soooo
God damn (Hungry!)
I Need a double cheese pretty please im (Hungry)
You think this shit a game?
Ma fucker im (Hungry!)
Dont make me have ta aim like...
(Blat! Blat! Blat!)

Im soooo
God damn (Hungry!)
I Need a double cheese pretty please im (Hungry)
You think this shit a game?
Ma fucker im (Hungry!)
Dont make me have ta aim like...
(Blat! Blat! Blat!)

[Verse 2]
If I was homeless with can
Instead of shaking it
I find a stick turn the can over, hit it a
And make a hit
Before I ask for shit
You rappers make me sick
Don't know how to make a dollar flip
You riding dick
Asking labels for allowence
You don't own shit
Not even your masters
Cuz your master taking all of it
Might as well get your master
And degree in side the Heath field
At least you'll get some money, and your album won't be
Shelved stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill!