Jay Electronica - The True N Living (Abrakadabra) lyrics

The God's in effect nigga, whats the deal?
You bad then chop nigga, bust your steel
You wack rap niggas was a must to feel
Supa Nova came through when the clutch was killed
You cowards in the background waiting for the crackdown
Leave the microphone up to us to build
We from the PJ's, where the hustler's kill
Squeeze off tick tock, words'll crush your grill
You devils can't harm me, I'm coming with the army
From the 3rd Ward to the Brooklyn Armory
Spittin' automatic, reading e-zine calmly
A thousand lashes on the ass of a gratiot
We bring war till we lounge in the pastures
Till we see the enemy drowning in ashes
Show me a mic and I got's to abuse it
This ain't rap nigga, this war music