Jay Electronica - Prowler 2 lyrics

Jean Grae:

Back up in the booth and my V is for vendetta,
Fuck the last line, to tell you the truth i got ten better
I bend letters over till they look like Ns,
And then offend so many men with them they look like femmes
I'm a feminine rebel, forever cleverer than yo' shit
Never be level with niggas, shit my flow can float bitch
Figure out the dosage to administer vaccines
Considered the black jean
It's black rock,
It's blacksmith,
It's miss grae and i'm back bitch
Hulk smash a rassa mothafucka
Most passionate,
Fashion plate, magistrate
Fascinating lady grab your vaseline and masturbate
Emasculate your manhood
Possibly damn good
Dismantle all your posse
Turn them pussy with tan hood
Dont push me, i don't land good,
Liable to fly up off the handle like a panwood
And swoosh, hit mrs woods.

Jay Electronica:
Salt rivers,
Flowing out my eyeballs
Pierced side broke legs
Bearing my cross
The old heads told me life wasn't a game
But mine steady feeling like pinball, dodgeball
Chasing freedom, establish a kingdom
And build a stone castle out of thin wall, dry wall
Ima keep going til God call for the sky fall
Be blast me on the grassy knoll
And try to blame Oswald
Average Joe blow
Mastering my mojo
Cinder block karate chop
Practice in the dojo (Uhh)
If it's so so
I prolly be a no show
Shooting to willy gobo
While on Nostrand with the poor folks (Uhh)
Black dragon rap
Flames out the nostrils
From Crown Fried to Roscoes
Im spreading the gospel
I overcame like the saints done the falcons
Like Hoover did to Malcolm

Joell Ortiz:
Ya'll know what the fuck i do
Bubble gum busters
So easy to fuckin chew lyrics i blow bubbles to
Unoriginal, it's easy to make another you
Findin my telly t's the only way you get a W
Niggas ain't grizzy,
Ya all soft and huggable
I came up in the gutter, you came up like all the huxtables
You dont want me to black belt to death you
Karate chop ya pops
Lu kang kick ya nephew
HAIIIAAAWAH, to hell is where i send em
Ya just learnt the order
Fit tighter than your denims
I'll ryu or ken em
I'm classic with the pen
Give me five minutes i'll show you i'm deadly with the venom
Poison with the dart see your boys be in the court
My boy be in the park yeah annoyin all the narcs
We 2 different types see you spit what you write
What i spit is the truth and truth comes to the light

Bang bang