Jay Electronica - Dimethyltryptamine lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse: Jay Electronica]
, Pigs with the heads of men spat acid
, That lasered my third eye closed...
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Jay Electronica - Dimethyltryptamine (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse: Jay Electronica]
ZH: [诗: 周杰伦电子]

EN: Pigs with the heads of men spat acid
ZH: 男人的头猪吐出酸

EN: That lasered my third eye closed like LASIK
ZH: 这 lasered 关闭 LASIK 像我第三只眼

EN: A midget in a casket like a baby in a bonnet
ZH: 在像一顶帽子婴儿椟侏儒

EN: With a bottle and a basset horn playing the theme song
ZH: 一瓶和巴塞特喇叭播放主题歌曲

EN: From Children of the Corn
ZH: 从玉米的儿童

EN: Oh I must be dreaming, a lady in a night gown puffing kush screaming
ZH: 哦我一定在做梦,一位女士在兴都库夜长袍膨化什尖叫

EN: Signalled me over, "Psst, you with the waves
ZH: 暗示我过去了,"Psst,你的波浪

EN: I’ve seen from the Catholic church steeple diggin' graves
ZH: 来自 diggin' 的坟墓的天主教教堂尖顶见过

EN: I got your number sonny
ZH: 我得到了你数桑尼

EN: So ain't no use of fighting, yelling or running from me"
ZH: 所以不是没有用的战斗、 喊叫或运行从我"

EN: "I never ran ma'am", "Well then you ain't a clever man Sam"
ZH: "我从来没有跑大嫂"、"好那么你不是个聪明的人山姆"

EN: Listen, the two-faced king from Britain and Rome
ZH: 听着,从英国和罗马的两面派国王

EN: Had a baby in a bush on the grassy knoll
ZH: 有一个婴儿在布什青山

EN: Where they peel back the orange head peel of a gnome
ZH: 在他们回剥头桔皮的侏儒

EN: He said "Hey MC, I know you like killing 'em
ZH: 他说:"嘿 MC,我知道你喜欢杀扑克

EN: You terrorized the skies for 25 millenniums
ZH: 您为 25 王朝恐吓天空

EN: Now you settin fire to land
ZH: 现在您建模火灾的土地

EN: You the lion, you the savior, the messiah, the lamb
ZH: 你狮子,你的救世主弥赛亚、 羔羊

EN: You need back up, you moving on the youth at dawn
ZH: 您需要备份,您对黎明青年运动

EN: Call Badu and get Tyrone on the megaphone
ZH: 调用八渡和蒂上车喊话器

EN: Tell'em I sent you and your codename is Megatron
ZH: 告诉他我送您和您的到来是威震天

EN: If trouble comes use your brain like a telephone
ZH: 如果麻烦来使用你的大脑,像一个电话

EN: He'll take you to the Chocolate City
ZH: 他就会带你到巧克力城

EN: Where two-face and the prince of darkness had a Committee of Snakes
ZH: 在两个脸和黑暗王子有蛇委员会

EN: Drill 'em, let the skin peel off to reveal him
ZH: 钻扑克,让剥离揭示他的皮肤

EN: Then spray 'em wit them rhymes you like spilling
ZH: 然后喷雾扑克机智他们童谣你像漏

EN: Hit 'em up real, real good but don't kill him
ZH: 打扑克真正好了,真实的但不要杀他

EN: We only want to burn him to the point that they willing
ZH: 我们只想要烧他到点,他们愿意

EN: To give the location of the blank face villain
ZH: 要给的位置空白的脸坏蛋

EN: Who split atoms and give mushrooms to civilians
ZH: 世卫组织分裂原子和蘑菇给平民

EN: Hiroshima never recovered and all the evidence was smothered
ZH: 广岛永远不会恢复,并且所有的证据都被闷死

EN: Under a thick cloud of rubble
ZH: 在厚厚的云层的废墟下

EN: The pope is his brother
ZH: 教皇是他的哥哥

EN: The hillsides is his mother
ZH: 山坡是他的母亲

EN: That statue with the torch and still eyes is his lover
ZH: 那雕像的火炬和仍然眼睛是他的情人

EN: She's a harlot, who stood still like time while New York turned scarlet
ZH: 她是妓女,站仍像是时间虽然纽约变成猩红色

EN: And the levee monster sucked up New Orleans
ZH: 和吸收了新奥尔良的堤防怪物

EN: While they was playin' man vs. man in Afghanistan
ZH: 虽然他们是快乐地玩耍人与阿富汗境内的人

EN: With they mind on Iran, Iraq and Sudan
ZH: 与他们介意对伊朗、 伊拉克和苏丹

EN: Let him recruit you, he will try to use his powers to seduce you
ZH: 让他招聘你,他将尝试使用他的权力来引诱您

EN: Just let him think that the feeling is mutual
ZH: 只是让他觉得这种感觉是相互

EN: Because if he found out that you already knew
ZH: 因为如果他发现了,你已经知道

EN: The atom had a positive, a negative and a neutral
ZH: 原子了正数、 负数和中性点

EN: He'll probably salute you
ZH: 他可能会向你们致敬

EN: Then wait till you turn your back like a coward and shoot you
ZH: 然后等到你你像一个懦夫的背转身枪毙你

EN: People this shit is crucial
ZH: 人这是至关重要的狗屎