Jay Electronica - Departure lyrics

as the tears welled up in my eyes
my mama said "son what happened?"
sometimes I cant breathe cuz its so much crap man
I called on god but he dont call back and
fight to stay sane while the devils laughin
last night i was across the tracks
wit freddy and black teddy just playin a crap game
smokin on stank
sippin on drank
when brian came flyin up the block like batman

*pant pant* minnie got killed!
his wig got peel't in the county yo'
by some tenth ward niggas that we barely know!

I said hold up, whoa whoa whoa whoa
you must be joking but he wasnt laughin
freddy passed out in the the grass and thats when
his mother came outside and said "wheres minnie?"
I looked down at the ground " I dont know where hes at maam"
lump in my throat I just lost my best friend
Conneticuit minnie with the east coast accent
top it all of, my older cousin mookie got caught
with some yellow cap viles of crack man
its time for me to leave home ma thats that man
it aint much left here to see for a black man
im a spread my wings pursue this rap thing
kiss my baby sister tell her ill be back
Im on I-10 east bound to man-hat-tan
n-y-c yes sir thats rap land
a one way ticket, a trunk of clothes
i spent my last twenty-five cent on pac man
mister bus driver set me free
just take me to new york and let me be (late echo)