Jason Webley - There's Not A Step We Can Take That Does Not Bring Us Closer lyrics

And we return to her with thirsty eyes
With history burning between our thighs
With naked longing trembling behind our smiles

We're going back to touch this hallowed land
We've got God in our hearts, we're holding gifts in our hands
And in that bag there is a loaded gun
This is a loaded gun, I've got a...

And we return, backs straight, chins high, hair shorn
We're going back to taste the grain from where our hunger was born
In bodies withered, wrinkled, worn
The framework showing through where the skin is torn

We are army ants, we are worker bees
We are salmon in the stream after years at sea
And this is blind man's bluff, but we don't need to see
Because we never miss our targets, no, we can't miss

And we return to surrender, we return to fight
To keep warm inside her beauty just another night
We're going to turn back the tape to where the music starts
We're going to feel the cost of living in our fingers and hearts

We're going back to the place where the river begins
We going to break until the tears have burned away the sins
We're want to lose ourselves and learn to make love again
We here to finish what we start, we're going to rip this all apart

We're going to press against the sky until we see our mother's face