Jason Myles Goss - Twilight Serenader lyrics

So here's to you, like brothers tonight
Tried and true, fading in the twilight
Well i can hear you breathin', see your picture on the wall

I would give you my wings. If they'd help you at all

Well this city's growing cold, from the needle it heats. There's howling wind rushing through these Chicago streets Oh and you were dreaming of Alice, but you got wrapped in her chains

And even midnight is burning, alive tonight like the blood in your veins
And this is my Twilight Serenade (yeah)
This is my Twilight Serenade
And I'm singing for you
I'm singing for you

This crumbling moon, dressed in black and white
Well it fades away, hiding, from you ghost tonight
And you said, "hey man don't follow, " Oh but I was already there

You were walking one tight rope but you were too young to care

....And I'm singing for you