Jason DeRulo - Rest Of My Life (2011)

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Jason DeRulo - Rest Of My Life lyrics

I am not looking for a fairy tale
Don’t need a queen for tonight
I am not addicted to the fiction of the picture perfect life
But I confess I'm ready i found the one that last and if your heart was given
I wanna look out to the crowd and see your face out now if
that’s a little too much to ask well I could i could care less right now
ain’t got no stress no future pain
you probably don’t even know my name but
I am pretty sure that we both been through it and
One day soon you gonna hear me say
hey you're one for the money
you're not two for the show you never look so pretty
I never been so lucky I know
Is it ok if i stay here and fall in love tonight
Is it ok if I stay here
For the rest of my life