Jason Anderson - This Will Never Be Our Town lyrics

this will never be our town

i rode my bike home after dawn
and the sunrise felt abrasive
like after a middle school dance when they turn those gym lights on (gross!)
under bridges, over cracks
it was hard to keep peddling when all i want to do is peddle back

say woah yeah

we drove east down to the sea
and one of them tall white wooden life guard chairs and a borrowed adidas track jacket and the moon like a swollen tangerine
six months ago almost to the day
and i just got to of one of the points in my life where it was weird to think how much was different
and also to think how much was exactly, exactly the same

on the trip back
i remember saying to myself "our town looks cute"
and then instantly thinking

this will never be our town

say our town
our town

this will never be our town