Jason Anderson - The Library lyrics

a sign outside the baptist church reads:
mass at 10 a.m.
and apathy's a glove in which evil will slip a hand.
no, i don't know if i would go that far,
the sentiment seems unforgiving.
although, i do agree,
the unexamined life is not worth living.

we fill our days like books of stamps
decorated like christmas trees.
collecting years like hockey cards
there is boredom and there is victory
but those afternoons, when you stumble on
even the tiniest epiphany
well, you feel so in focus
and it's, it's amazing.
so i walk and try to look about as if for the first time.
the poetry of imperfect pavement
or a turned off arbee's sign.
this exercise in forced perspective, the tiring push and pull.
as we strive for freedom and presence
through clinging and letting go.
yes, we strive for freedom and presence
though empty, and hollow.