Jason Anderson - Ss I lyrics

See the rusted span
See the route 9 bridge
See the lime green lights
Underneath the lip
See the midnight riders
Shadow over us
Like the aliens and his new best friend
Silouhettes against the dusk
See the river bend
See the paper trail of sun
Messy finger prints
Smudge a scrim of sky
A nectarine or plum
See the phantoms lurk
Up the bike path nooks
Timid trees transform
Into cruisers and crooks
See the silo stand
See the heavy house
See the corn stalks sway grey against the stars
See us laughing lost, see us running scared
God i cought my breath and you held my hand
And the diners full
Where the wild things are
And the pearl street lots
Packed with connecticut cars
And flourescent lights distort the night
Their arms crushed together
See your smiling face
See us all asleep
Let the movie play
And corrupt our dreams
And the kitchen where your hair fell on my shoulders, butterflies

And i wanted to follow you
But they will find me ... here