January Friend - Paris Hilton lyrics

One and a half ounces and she's feeling good
It's not time to leave just yet
Two more glasses and she gets what she wants
All the eyes on her

One more song and the mood is set
She knows what all the boys want
Another shot and the boy is down
Killed with a tease
You're such a tease

And you dance on the bar
And you twirl all around
And they just can't see
How empty you are
And you throw flirty glances
But you just can't see
The person who's laughing is me

One more pill and the trap is set
I got you in my sights
Pull the trigger and the mark falls down
Its time to take her home

One more switch and the time is right
I'm going to get what I want
No more games, it's over
Its time to take her home
Its time to take her home