Janis Ian - I Would Like To Dance lyrics

Look at me I would like to dance
But I haven't the clothes for romance
So I'll stay with the boys in the band
I would like to be cool
Like the ladies who drool as they advance
But I can't get my feet
To go where I lead with my toes

At the debutante's ball everybody does all they can do to enhance
Every corset in town in a gown made specially in France
And the men here can tell at a glance
I would like to maintain
but it sure seems a shame to sit on my hands
And I only got into the swim
by the seat of my pants

Not another woman in the world
Who could make a living
Pitching the light fandango
dancing on the streets of the city
Look at me, playing freelance at the ball
Catch my entrance to the hall
Far from the gilded lily

Look at me would you like to dance
I've a book illustrating the stance
And I can't get my head
To go where I lead
With my toes
I feel solo