Jane Birkin - Anno "Close To The River lyrics

The Tower walls at midnight burn, / With fraught desire - the rocks beneath, / Are sharp, and wet with fictions blood. / Someone leaps, the other turns ... but who is who. / Forget what you want, but / Don't forget the link that grew me. / That travels deeply, / Through me in the form of every / Thought that I think. / The Loathing and the Love, / Bubbling together at the / Brink of my emotion. / This commotion started / Long before my face was ever / Etched into the Wall of time. / I have both your madnesses inside. / I am in constant disagreement with myself. / But I cannot leave me. / You both cannot leave me, / nor one-another, believe me! / I am the ring that won't slip off with soap. / You've broken the armies inside me, / And now they stand poised and opposed ... / Now there is blood. / Now there is love standing, covered in glory, / and honour lies covered in mud. / You and I, Ma, we built too close to the river. / Look at us washing our minds free of fever. / Brushing off bird shit and bad dreams forever. / And never once turning the tide. / Thank you for pains and concerns / That have made me, In turn more / Unhappy and kind. / I am proud to remind them of you