Jamila Woods - Bubbles (Heavn Album) (2016)

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Jamila Woods - Bubbles (Heavn Album) lyrics

[?] know me
[?] know me
[?] know me

Black girl be in a bubble, bubble
Floating quietly out of trouble, trouble
They call you shy
Always ask why you listen before you speak
Black girl braids filled with bubbles, bubbles
Jump in puddles in double, double
How many different oils we know, we know?
To turn our skin from brown to gold
(Na na na na na na na na na na na)
(You can't pass through my bubble X8)

You should know that
I keep knives inside my kitchen
I'm not the one you're thinking
I've been picking my hair out and I know, now
How cold I really feel

Bubbles know me
[?] know me
[?] know me