Jamie Michael - People Watching lyrics

Californian boys and New York city girls are overtaking me

They're so damn clever you see

And I've been sitting on my own for far too long

There must be something wrong. Something's going on

Everyone walks a little fast today, everyone's just a little further away,

And everyone's got it going on in a big way

Could you be loved when you're lost without a trace?

Could you be loved even though you've got such an ugly face?

Could you be somebody's only saving grace?

Could you be loved?

A thousand taxis full of faces pass me by, they're ignoring me

They're far too busy you see

As all the businessmen cling to their girlfriends' hands

So they can take them home, to get them on their own

If they smile then their makeup starts to fade

If they kiss then their lipstick smears away

If they fuck, then they needn't have bothered in the first place

And I watch them all go past

And I still can't move a limb

And I watch them all go past