James - Honest Pleasure lyrics

Here she comes, knocking me sideways.
Moves so liquid, she's in her flow
Legs akimbo, I can't contain her
I surrender, let her go,
Let her go.

She's so holy, please anoint me
In her temple, I feel at home.
She's inside me, don't need to touch her.
We're connected by honest pleasures.

Don't you let it go
It's an honest pleasure.
Don't hold back, surrender.
Keep to your own flow,
You're the greatest mover
Let your body moan, moan, moan ... moan

Let's get loaded, open those highways.
Preen these feelings, no sensor here
This life is measured by honest pleasure
There's this hunger that must be satisfied

Don't you let it grow
It's an honest pleasure
Don't you let it grow
Into honest pleasures...