James Brett - Female Bonding lyrics

Well me and all of my buddies
We spend most all our time
With a fishin' pole or in remote control of any
ballgame we can find
And all the experts say male bonding
Is good for any man
But I can testify that even if they're right,
there's only so much I can stand

I need some female bonding
I need a woman's touch
You know I like justa hangin' with the boys
But this man can only stand so much
I want some feminine company
I need a heart that's true
And girl if you'll bond with me
I'll bond with you

Now too much of a good thing
Can drive a man insane
I got nothin' against my buddies
No and I sure hate to complain
But male bonding ain't worth nothin'
On a lonesome summer night
I might even trade my bass boat
For a woman that'll treat me right


I said girl if you'll bond with me
Little girl if you'll bond with me