Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Listen to me...
, Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah...
, You know how much you want it
, You try to be cool...
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Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Listen to me...
ZH: 听我说。。。

EN: Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah...
ZH: 哦,哦,哦,哦,是的......

EN: You know how much you want it
ZH: 你知道你想要的多少

EN: You try to be cool about it
ZH: 您尝试对它冷淡

EN: You try to be big about it
ZH: 您尝试将这件大

EN: You're constantly, just, denying
ZH: 你不断地,只,否认

EN: You're like a moth to a flame
ZH: 你就像飞蛾扑火

EN: Can hardly wait but listen
ZH: 几乎不能再等,但听

EN: Cause I know what I'm saying
ZH: 因为我知道自己在说什么

EN: He's trying to catch you in it
ZH: 他想要抓到你在它

EN: And then he can back you in it
ZH: 然后他可以再你在它

EN: He's just another girl addict
ZH: 他是个瘾君子的女孩只是另一个

EN: And if you give it away
ZH: 如果你把它带走

EN: You gotta be crazy, crazy
ZH: 你一定是疯了,疯了

ZH: [合唱]

EN: Stop!
ZH: 停止 !

EN: You better shake him off
ZH: 你更好地摆脱他

EN: Before he gets ya
ZH: 他之前震遐

EN: (He's coming to get ya, he's coming to get ya)
ZH: (他要来找你,他要来找你)

EN: Stop!
ZH: 停止 !

EN: He'll only build you up
ZH: 他只建立你

EN: And then forget ya
ZH: 然后忘了雅

EN: He's dirty to the bone
ZH: 他是脏到骨

EN: Beware of the dog
ZH: 那条狗要小心

EN: Well I was damn near addicted
ZH: 我是差点上瘾

EN: I got into trouble with him
ZH: 有与他麻烦

EN: I got in a bubble with him
ZH: 有他的一个泡沫

EN: Where everything was just as he wanted
ZH: 只是因为他想让一切都在那里

EN: Oh but then I got wise
ZH: 哦但然后我变聪明了

EN: I got outta sight
ZH: 我离开视线

EN: So take my advice
ZH: 所以听我的劝告

ZH: [合唱] × 2

EN: I know you hear me
ZH: 我知道你听见我

EN: (I know you hear me, I know you hear me)
ZH: (我知道你听到我,我知道你听到我说话)

EN: You better reach out and touch me
ZH: 你更好地伸出手,碰我

EN: (You better reach out)
ZH: (你更好地达到)

ZH: [合唱]

EN: Beware of the dog...
ZH: 谨防狗......