Jae Tips - Lafayette Gods (feat. Phil Walker) (2014)

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Jae Tips - Lafayette Gods (feat. Phil Walker) lyrics

[Verse 1 Phil Walker]

Now All praise this nigga
God bless 44's and the trigger
Smoking gun quitter
Reading Psalms of the blicker
Verse 2 hearse you wrote the scriptures
So I determine ya faith
Put dope in that bass
Razor buck 150 ya face
All In the spot in the place
You can press this young Harlem cat
I come out smoother then Mase
And I'm back at it gA gA gA again
Said she brought her girl over
Said don't look at her friend
Well I can pretend but I'm thinking Karen "super head"
And last name be Stephens
They jumped in my Benz
I chauffeured
(mmmhjhjmmmm) I threw dick in her friend!
Moral of the story right?
Pimped her like I'm dolomite
Went for 3 real clutch Robert horry like
Brighter then a solar light
Haters like I know he right
Pushing all that snow
I never pedal like a motor bike
I'm outa sight & out my mind
Lacerations on the pigmentation cuz
Digging through they minds
I believe im the God of Rap!
These niggas can't hold me back!!!!
Throw up signs like zodiac
See me snapping for the cheese so y'all know that I can trap
Drinking snapples
Flip the top because I'm looking for the facts
Fuck the lies play ya cards right I ain't trynna deal with that uhh!
It like a hidden agenda
Ill never surrender
My state of mind gone it be back in November
We slaughter beginners
I come off like hinna
You go lost like cinda-rella
But a fella
So I'm aiming at slippers
You naming I'm banging the game is the stainless act tuff u Acquainted
My niggas bout they business so they suited for cases, so fuck the patients

[Verse 2 Jae Tips]
My girl want a crib and we Planning on a move
Got fired from my job
But I'm still on my 2s
Carolina blues
Fuck nudies and trues
Cause they all in the hood like that penny nigga shoes
Sipping on the booze
In my Jordan Number 2s
Somewhere out in soho
But should be on a cruise
I be on the move
New niggas on the block
I'm from where chickens on garm showing titties don't pop
And where niggas niggas throwing
Dirt for wrong hoes
You heard fleeshard
These niggas go hard
Sucking all this dick need a knee guard
You wanna be us
We wanna be god
A God
What u say gawd
I'm on that fucking muthafucking juice
Like I'm a rod
We don't play fair
We just play cards
Got bitches in the city swiping
Young Dum hoes on that dum shit
100 bitches in line cause I don't cum quick
Boogie down Bronx and I run shit
Bumping that Dom K
In my Don C
Trill nigga I am
Sipping don P
Ball so hard I'm chauncey
Get these wack muthafuckas up off me
Jacking my style ill torch em
Wrote alot of verses out of boredom
But now its all for the fame and the stardom
Real nigga I'm a muthafucking problem
Grew up balling outta Harlem
Little east I'm a muthafucking beast
But now I'm flooding these streets
With this muthafucking heat
Killing these beats
Bow bow
With this automatic flow
Gunning for the top and we gunning for the dough betccch