Jae Tips - Forever On Some Fly Shxt (2014)

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Jae Tips - Forever On Some Fly Shxt lyrics

My bitch driving so im getting faded
Windows open screaming fuck you if you ever hated
Cup full and im elevated
Im devastated
Cause this rap shit is overrated
Jordan 4s like its 89
We sharing bitches
It would be selfish
If i called you mine
Only in it
If its hard to find
My niggas with me
They just lined me up
Another dime
Niggas told me that i shouldn't rhyme
Im doing 2 shows a week i been on the grind
Same nigga that you made your lover
Only change is that im single with a couple rubbers
Shy bitches only love with the lights off
A fly nigga im the one these lames bite off
Diffeence between us is i dont never take a night off
25 8 367 days straight now hold on
Im trying go back to school
Cause my bitch graduated
And that shit was cool
Fuck the fame shit right there a make my mother happy
Plus im focus on this music my thoughts be trying
Trap me
Like should i stay or should i go
Am i ready for forever or ready to be a daddy
The answers still no
Feel like lifes flying pass me
Makes no excuses
And competition can't catch me
Forever on some fly shit
Never been a fan of a faker or the gossip
Bathing ape tees
Couple hunnit in my wallet
Crenshaw skully
Airbourne im the pilot
Look the designer
Dont define the man
But it make them bitches light up like iron man
Sipping on hulk
Harlem world
Im in vault
Im the leader of the new school
Captain of the boat
I ain't getting paid for these shows
I got a full time job
Thats what paid for these colthes
Reselling sneakers
All i save is my fours
All u save is these hoes
And all my bitches pose
Model type with the perfect body
Her bust out
So we kick it like karate
Always in the city im in soho with a momma
Chilling on greene and my jacket from supreme
You niggas better get ya dollars up
Cause the shit i cop for retail the values up
Everyday is fashion night out
Writing my way into history with a story
They can't white out from the city
That never sleeps i was raised in the streets
Had to put the rock down and hang up my cleets
What you banging is this heat
343 muthafucka
Never settle for defeat