Jae Tips - Bowery Blues (2014)

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Jae Tips - Bowery Blues lyrics

What she recited was my old lyrics
Sent it in a text message to enlight my spirit
That was followed by another saying
Safe flight
She's been supportive since them days i had stage freight
Now im out with just my carry on
With nobody that i started with i feel alone
My ears popped
We just flyed over arie zone
So this is higher then anybody on that mary juan
Who would of thought recording songs about my exxes
Would have me out in texas
In my slippers
Cooking breakfast
All i got is what i dream about
But its taking so long that i began to doubt
Always been a pessimist
But never once slacked off
Addicted to the lime light
Women and scratch offs
I wanna make it
My hood treat me like i did already
Grind crazy man
Its all in my itinerary

[Verse 2]
Hope you pray for me every sunday
We ain't make out how you wanted too
But maybe one day
We can talk and be civilized
Look pass all the drama
That came arise
Cause you was with me
When i was camera shy
Now i roll around the city with my camera guy
Doing shows
Faunting my potential
What we had was detrimental
But i weathered the storm
Now im on the first flight
From NY to san Juan
In some new bape
Got my laces untied
She wiping toothpaste
Off my face in the sky
All these dudes hate
But i dont care to ask why
Im more concerned with dubai
I dont just rap and get fly
Im a regular guy
From the top of the bronx
Crown me the king of new york