Jae Tips - Bowery Blues lyrics (Chinese translation). | What she recited was my old lyrics
, Sent it in a text message to enlight my spirit
, That was...
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Jae Tips - Bowery Blues (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: What she recited was my old lyrics
ZH: 她的背诵是我老歌词

EN: Sent it in a text message to enlight my spirit
ZH: 它通过邮件发送的文本到影业我的精神

EN: That was followed by another saying
ZH: 紧接着,另一说法

EN: Safe flight
ZH: 飞行安全

EN: She's been supportive since them days i had stage freight
ZH: 她自从支持这些天我有舞台货运

EN: Now im out with just my carry on
ZH: 现在我出的只是我进行

EN: With nobody that i started with i feel alone
ZH: 没人,我开始觉得孤单

EN: My ears popped
ZH: 我的耳朵中弹出

EN: We just flyed over arie zone
ZH: 我们只是债飞涨,阿里区

EN: So this is higher then anybody on that mary juan
ZH: 所以这是更高然后有人上那玛丽胡安

EN: Who would of thought recording songs about my exxes
ZH: 谁能够想到录制歌曲关于我 exxes

EN: Would have me out in texas
ZH: 想让我出去在德克萨斯州

EN: In my slippers
ZH: 在我的拖鞋

EN: Cooking breakfast
ZH: 煮早餐

EN: All i got is what i dream about
ZH: 我的就是我的梦想

EN: But its taking so long that i began to doubt
ZH: 但其花那么长时间,开始怀疑

EN: Always been a pessimist
ZH: 一直是一个悲观主义者

EN: But never once slacked off
ZH: 但从来没有一次已松弛下来

EN: Addicted to the lime light
ZH: 沉迷于石灰光

EN: Women and scratch offs
ZH: 妇女和划痕 offs

EN: I wanna make it
ZH: 我想要它

EN: My hood treat me like i did already
ZH: 我引擎盖对待我一样已经

EN: Grind crazy man
ZH: 研磨疯狂的男人

EN: Its all in my itinerary
ZH: 它在我的行程中的所有

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Hope you pray for me every sunday
ZH: 希望每个星期天,你为我祈祷

EN: We ain't make out how you wanted too
ZH: 我们也不让出去怎么你也想要

EN: But maybe one day
ZH: 但也许有一天

EN: We can talk and be civilized
ZH: 我们可以谈论和文明

EN: Look pass all the drama
ZH: 看看传递所有戏剧

EN: That came arise
ZH: 来的出现

EN: Cause you was with me
ZH: 你和我在一起的原因

EN: When i was camera shy
ZH: 相机害羞的时候

EN: Now i roll around the city with my camera guy
ZH: 现在我卷周围的城市我的相机的人

EN: Doing shows
ZH: 不做展示

EN: Faunting my potential
ZH: Faunting 我的潜力

EN: What we had was detrimental
ZH: 我们的都是有害

EN: But i weathered the storm
ZH: 但我安然渡过风暴

EN: Now im on the first flight
ZH: 现在我也在第一次飞行

EN: From NY to san Juan
ZH: 从纽约州到圣胡安

EN: In some new bape
ZH: 在一些新巴佩

EN: Got my laces untied
ZH: 我鞋带解开

EN: She wiping toothpaste
ZH: 她抹牙膏

EN: Off my face in the sky
ZH: 关闭我的脸在天空中

EN: All these dudes hate
ZH: 所有这些家伙恨

EN: But i dont care to ask why
ZH: 但我不想问为什么

EN: Im more concerned with dubai
ZH: Im 更关注与迪拜

EN: I dont just rap and get fly
ZH: 我不只是说唱和获取飞

EN: Im a regular guy
ZH: Im 个正常人

EN: From the top of the bronx
ZH: 从顶部的布朗克斯

EN: Crown me the king of new york
ZH: 皇冠我纽约之王

ZH: 黑鬼