Jadakiss - Knock Yourself Out (Uncensored) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Uh huh
, You know where I'm taking this
, I'm taking it right there
, They leave no choice
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Jadakiss - Knock Yourself Out (Uncensored) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Uh huh
ZH: 嗯嗯

EN: You know where I'm taking this
ZH: 你知道我带这去哪儿

EN: I'm taking it right there
ZH: 我要把它那儿

EN: They leave no choice
ZH: 他们别无选择

EN: [Verse One]
ZH: [第一节]

EN: Uh, uh, uh she said she was a model for a year and a half
ZH: 呃呃她说她一年半的典范

EN: And if she took here pins out,
ZH: 如果她在这里拿出来,针脚

EN: Then her hair would drop down to her calf
ZH: 接着有她的头发将会降到她的小牛

EN: I knew a man, he was just up north
ZH: 我认识一个人,他只是去了北方

EN: And would've got left up north
ZH: 会有丢下了北

EN: But he was the chef up north
ZH: 但他是北方厨师

EN: Anyway I'm K I double
ZH: 反正我是使用双的 K

EN: All I do is get dough, spit flows, try to stay out of trouble
ZH: 我做的只是得到的面团,吐痰流动,尽量远离麻烦

EN: If you ready we could move, just lose your man
ZH: 如果你准备好了我们可以移动的只是失去了你的男人

EN: Or hit the dance floor, I'll show you how to do my dance
ZH: 或撞到地板上跳舞,我会教你怎么做我的舞蹈

EN: I might let you play in the garden,
ZH: 我可能会让你在花园里玩

EN: Or stood up in that white thing and listen to the greatest of Marvin
ZH: 或在白色的东西站起来,听听最伟大的张建东

EN: And the state got six locations
ZH: 国家有六个地点

EN: Take so long to get to the front once I missed probation
ZH: 这么久才挤到前面的一次我错过缓刑

EN: And I hate to brag
ZH: 我讨厌吹牛

EN: I know ya man really wouldn't like the Beretta but he hate the Mag
ZH: 我知道你的男人真的不会喜欢 Beretta 但他讨厌 Mag

EN: And yeah here go a blank check, rock yourself out
ZH: 是在这里走一张空白支票,岩石出你自己

EN: But in the mean time girl go knock yourself out
ZH: 但在平均时间女孩去自便

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Are you model of month (knock yourself out)
ZH: 是你的月模型 (敲自己)

EN: Wanna let ya hair down (knock yourself out)
ZH: 想要让你的头发 (敲自己)

EN: Are you ready to move (knock yourself out)
ZH: 准备好移动 (敲自己)

EN: Wanna sit in the coupe (knock yourself out)
ZH: 想要坐在小轿车 (敲自己)

EN: Wanna keep on dancin (knock yourself out)
ZH: 想要保持上舞动着 (敲自己)

EN: Wanna run in my mansion (knock yourself out)
ZH: 想要在我的豪宅里运行 (敲自己)

EN: Sit in V.I.P. (knock yourself out)
ZH: 坐在贵宾 (敲自己)

EN: Bitch you just wanna be seen (knock yourself out)
ZH: 你只是想让人看见的婊子 (敲自己)

EN: [Verse Two]
ZH: [诗歌两]

EN: Now you can knock yourself out like you boxing yourself
ZH: 现在你可以晕自己像你拳击你自己

EN: Or you can get real freaky start popping yourself
ZH: 或者你可以真正怪开始弹出你自己

EN: And my watch got so many rocks, when you look at the time
ZH: 我的手表还有这么多的岩石,当你看看时间

EN: It's soughta like you watchin yourself uh
ZH: 它的像你呃看着自己的 soughta

EN: Front if you want, I puff a few blunts
ZH: 如果你想要前面,我吹几个钝

EN: And take a cruise in a Porsche wit the trunk in the front
ZH: 和乘船在保时捷机智树干在前面

EN: She had jock open draw sandals
ZH: 她有运动员开放抽奖凉鞋

EN: Told her I been the coupe
ZH: 我告诉她了小轿车

EN: Blew her mind when she couldn't find the door handles
ZH: 吹了她的想法,当她找不到门把手

EN: I had to do very high maintence, check this out ma
ZH: 我不得不做很高维修,看看这个马

EN: I'm running out of my patience
ZH: 我实在没我的耐心

EN: Don't sleep wit me, and don't speak wit me
ZH: 不睡机智我,而不会说的智慧我

EN: And neva talk bad bout niggas that eat wit me
ZH: 吃的涅瓦河谈坏 bout 鬼机智我

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse Three]
ZH: [第三节]

EN: Ay yo, Honey know I'm waitin to leave
ZH: 唉哟,亲爱的知道我很多的藉口离开

EN: Keep dancin, 'cause I like how that ass shake in the capris
ZH: 保持舞动着,因为我很喜欢那个屁股如何动摇詹森

EN: I'm like BIG wit the murder mamis up in Belize
ZH: 我像大智慧谋杀 mamis 在伯利兹

EN: But I'll still fuck a chickenhead like lil' cease
ZH: 但仍然操死鸡像 lil' 停止

EN: I don't care if they model, but they all gone chill
ZH: 不在乎他们的模型,但他们都走了冷静

EN: First nigga cook base on the Foreman grill
ZH: 第一次黑鬼厨师领班烤架上基地

EN: And you might win some, you just lost one
ZH: 你可能会赢得一些,你只是失去了一个

EN: Kiss miseducates' em like Lauryn Hill
ZH: 吻 miseducates' em 像萝伦希尔

EN: [Chorus] - (Fades)
ZH: [合唱]-(淡)