Jacob's Dream - Third Way lyrics

Manipulate and fabricate
A scheme to rule the masses
A rotting corpse in royal gown
Hail the throne majestic

A cancer eating at the heart of blood bought liberty
No aggressor could prevail she's falling from within

A socialist utopia
Equality for all
The ruling elite exempt themselves
From the cruel reality

Sacrificing for the goal of global unity
Atone the sins of capitalist and racist sovereignty

The third way
Is the reign of idiocy
One by one
Freedoms stripped away

The third way
The offspring of our apathy
Down we go
Into the vortex of tyranny

Bleed our inspiration
Conform at any cost
The individual must give way to new identity

Regulate, confiscate
Blind diversity
Breed the worker drones to serve in numb complacency

[Repeat Chorus]