Jacob Diefenbach - Last One Running lyrics

Here and there and then you're off again.
We agreed that love is fun, just sleep with other men.
I didn't want to make a liar out of you.
I guess i set myself up nicely just to move right on, and i'm the last one running.
Some things change.
Can't blame you that you had to go away; can't blame me that i learned to be okay.
I won't pretend that i know what is right for me.
And i could talk down under water except about how i feel.
I'm still the last one running; won't forget, you believed in me.
I'd just take you down as i strip away my flesh.
I'm still trying to find what's there inside as i peel me to the bone.
You could say you'd take the diamond somewhere in my rough, but you know you'd just end up bleeding as you chip away at stone.
Can't blame you. can't blame me.
Did the sun shine big and bright in san francisco?
It got real cold down here in winter so i moved right on, yes, the last one running.
Some things change.