Jacob Diefenbach - Casanova lyrics

You put on your black shoes and your brave face for school.
Try to forget about the things you let get out of hand on saturday night, but i'll be alright if he just keeps quiet, but mr. hyde says:
I was free tonight and just this once i won the fight, it's funny how what seemed so right left me reeling in the morning light."
Young boys, they still whisper in classrooms and corners.
The years go by but the fear remains, so you travel the world to find yourself again and somewhere in louisiana it clicks and you think:
Yeah, i was free that night. was i so bad to want to take a bite? friends come and go and i'm still alright, i'm still alright.
Put your right and left hand in the cookie jar, but be sure to brush the crumbs off before suspicions rise.
Gone from casanova to the village harlot, yeah, but they don't know you.
Nobody really knows you.
Those boys, they don't know you.
4.90's not much to pay for someone who's willing to be a cheer or an ear or a couple of beers.
The water was muddy but it's starting to clear, every day you let me near.
So don't walk away from the things you never want to say, you've found your man and that's okay by me.
I just want to see you smiling.