Jack The Ripper - The Astronaut Of Her Majesty lyrics

Once inside a bubble, two babies had to struggle
For the world at the end of the travel
They were twins, they were brothers, and they fought against each other for two hills and a valley that was their mother.

One was strong, one was weak.
Not enough food, how could they like very long ?
Billy wanted to take place, but he made a mistake.
I slashed his twins cable during our battle.
Billy wanted to take place but he went too far....
Cosmonaut Billy lost his way to his home and disappeared into space.

One day he was gone.
I knew he was blown away for her stary eyes, the milky way of his mum.
For a long time then, I had nightmares.
Was it hard to face the facts ?
But it was more that I could bear when I saw my brother with his suffocating lungs filling with amniotic water.