Jack The Ripper - The Assassin lyrics

You are dreaming you are riding
A horse
But you see it is not
A dead horse
That you rode, but a girl
You had to stab in the back

I woke up one morning
With my sheets all covered with blood
She was naked in my bed
She was naked, but damn... she's dead !

I'm an assassin ; I'm an assassin

Well frankly, what else could have I been ?
Cause I am what I am... - I AM THE ASSASSIN
So why don't you arrest me, and judge me, then kill me
For I am what I am
Maybe the Death in a shape of a man
That is gone, dead, and burried...

I am sexually impotent, but I am strong enough
To kill a million whores, as the saviour of my Lord
And I'm dancin', yes I'm dancin'
I'm the assassin
And I'm dancin', yes I'm dancin'
I kill every sin !