Jack The Ripper - Martha lyrics

Wilkommen mein Faust
In die Welt von Martha
Sag' wiedersehn, bye bye Wisssenschaft

Keine Liebe
Was machst du hier, Faust ?
Mit grossen Sorgen
Ohne Liebe Martha...
Was machst du hier Faust ?
Und bist du sicher ?
Menschen graben ein Stadt
Menschen graben ein Schaft
Im lieber Martha
Im Babylonia, Im Babylonia

Meine Liebe Martha
Was ? Komm zu mir, Frau !
Zu Babylone
He don't understand
Why donb't you love wise men ?
Hey, little Martha
Bobbed hair, short teets
You're dancing a twist
That'll make his poor heart quit

Hello Mephisto, I've got a magical ring
You know I'm cold like winter I want to rest into spring

Hi ! I read the Greeks, baby
I know quantum physics too
But a girl like you makes me kind of - silly cunts

That's why I dance alone, yes
That's why I dance alone
Like a dantzig twist

You dance alone in Babylone
And if I may hold you, I will never have you

My little Martha
What are we here for ?
What are we here for ?