Jack - Rainbow Blood Choral lyrics

I'm a flame at the edge of your altar. I'll explain this is not what my mother told me to do.

You're the queen, I'll be your (horn?) king, love.

Did you read us?

This is not the same offer.

Since we cleaned up, you're whats left of the call girls.

All their brains washing into the storm drains, rainbow blood.

Scenes on your face from all that spits of love.

I'm not ashamed at all of this.

They won't take us.

This is not the same offer.

And if the cops start marching we'll take out every last pig fucker.

Cut the chains, open up all the veins, rainbow blood.

Cross every body, come with the blisful sun.

I'm not ashamed...

You were my prey, now you've opened up to red and green and purple guts.

Now that you're dead, you're not what I want, and I can feel the power of love.