Jack Ingram - We're All In This Together lyrics

J. Ingram/T. Littlefield

We all think we're special
And I hate to have to say
There's a bunch of us on every corner
Of any town U.S.A.
We all got our problems
We all pay our dues
So if you're thinking no one understands
I've got news for you


We're all in this together
Whether we like it or not
So we might as well have a good time
Wit the little piece of time we got
Life's too short to fuss and fight
So we might as well be friends
‘Cause we're all in this together
Together till the bitter end

Everybody's angry
Everybody's scared
Everybody wants to feel
Like somebody cares
You ain't got to love nobody
Or like ‘em as a matter of fact
But we're all in this together
And tonight I got your back

Chorus 2x