Jack Hardy - If I Ever Pass This Way Again lyrics

And if I ever pass this way again
And if I ever sit alone with you
And if I ever whisper all those thoughts
I did hold inside past our adieu

And if I ever walk that painted deck
And watch the birds that fly so free between
Across the rocks and waves that washed my hopes
As I whittled on a memory

The sails aloft are filled
Filled with fickle winds
That blow across the faces of this land
There are no corners left
There are no stones unturned
That have not all conspired to my return

And if the water trickles down the glen
And if the moss turns green as light grows thin
And if that flower has the will to live
It will cast its fragrance on the wind

And if that fragrant flower so dear to me
So cross the waters to dispel belief
My hand at once upon the rail and ropes
Till I almost see that telling green