Jack Hardy - Arrow lyrics

As I drive hell bent 'neath the sickle moon
Scattering leaves in blood red hues
What tension shot me down this road
Hell bent so far that I almost broke

I had once in mind to drag my bow
After hart and hind and stag and roe
If the shaft proved straight and my aim proved true
I would bring it all back home for you

This arrow was my only weapon
This arrow guarded me quite well
This arrow held no earthly tether
No angel feather on a bat out of hell

And with focus narrowed down to will
And eyes cross-hatched against the kill
There are no sins I will atone
For muscle, sinew, gristle and bone

(repeat chorus)

And I rode and rode as clouds flew past
With six white horses all lathered and fast
My scars and marks have now worn smooth
For I am this arrow and it came for you