Ja Rule - Pushin' lyrics

(Ja Rule) Yea, Yea, Yea lil' mama im your pusha man, I push you to the limits nobody else can, dam near over the edge, and everyday is J's Holiday I put cha to bed like anastesia convienent amnesnia least your time spent it be in visa blowin heroin, roll that barry bonds and let it hit cha, im the picture and you can catch me if you can like frank winter girl you should understand i need time to miss you so ima keep it pushin switch it up for a moment from the coop to the (swooooffffff) drop head phantom gettin head aint a issue, even though its the new it still aint you im tryin to

Hook (Robin Thicke)

Pushin it, your lips, is my drug, is your kiss im pushin it, your body, your beautifal, naturally im pushin it, back door, gon elevate you, to the top floor im pushin it, need a rush the way happen when ya body