Ja Rule - 100000 lyrics (Chinese translation). | Brace yourselves, I ain’t coming back, nah
, See I never left,
, These niggas did they best,
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Ja Rule - 100000 (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Brace yourselves, I ain’t coming back, nah
ZH: 振作,不过我不会回头的路

EN: See I never left,
ZH: 看看我从来没有离开,

EN: These niggas did they best,
ZH: 这些黑鬼做了他们最好的

EN: They spit up in my… but couldn’t come close
ZH: 他们在吐痰我......,但不能来密切

EN: My s**t is authentic, demand’s knocked off
ZH: 我 s * * t 地道,需求的敲

EN: Imitations, time to real up, gotta get that dough
ZH: 模仿,又一次向真正最多,得把面团

EN: When the stars form with no cut
ZH: 当星星窗体没有切

EN: Welcome to Rule York, b***h you know what?
ZH: 欢迎访问规则纽约 b * * * h 你知道什么?

EN: … 100 000 trim…
ZH: …100 000 修剪......

EN: and that’s before lunch, I call it crunch time
ZH: 这就是在午餐前,我把它叫做嘎吱的时间

EN: I hop up out my bed and then one of my cars
ZH: 我跳到了我的床上,然后我的车之一

EN: But where I’m going…cause I don’t need roads
ZH: 但我要...因为我不需要道路的地方

EN: n***a cause I be flying as high as the heavens soar
ZH: n * * * 一个原因我飞高天上翱翔

EN: Check in my automo, the time froze up
ZH: 在我的汽车检查、 时间结冰

EN: So I guess I’m stuck on swagg up till the…out
ZH: 看来我被困在直至 swagg 上出......

EN: Niggas … but still find the strength… my glass up
ZH: 黑鬼但仍然发现力量......我玻璃了

EN: Auch, yeah, it hurts just a little
ZH: 奥修,是的它伤害只是有点

EN: But they say that my ego is bigger than…
ZH: 但他们说我的自尊心是比......

EN: So I probably wouldn’t sit well with Beyonce either
ZH: 所以我大概也不会坐好与碧昂丝要么

EN: Like trying to fit 3 in a 2 sitter
ZH: 像努力适应 3 2 保姆

EN: I’m a darling divas, want me to read them
ZH: 我亲爱的天后们,想让我读他们

EN: But they hate it when I tell them that s**t s**t read beat it
ZH: 但他们讨厌我告诉他们那个 s * * t s * * t 阅读打败它

EN: … my money’s in the millions
ZH: ......我的钱在数以百万计

EN: … 100 000 trim…
ZH: …100 000 修剪......