Ja, Panik - Bittersweet lyrics

Well this
Is such a sad affair
I've opened up my heart
Oh so many times
But now it's closed

Oh my dear
Every salty tear
It wrings
Bittersweet applause

But when the show's in full swing every once in a while
High stepping chorus lines
Mean I'm forgetting my lullaby-Liebchen

How rich in contrast love can be
Sometimes I'm quite amused
To see it twist and turn,
To taste both sweet and dry

These vintage years
Lovers you consume, my friend,
As others their wine

Nein, das ist nicht das Ende der Welt
Gestrandet am [?]
Und das Spiel geht weiter, wie man weiß
Noch viele schönste Wiedersehen

And now
As you turn to leave
You try to force a smile
As if to compensate
Then you break down and cry