JT Money - Intro lyrics

Here we are in the motherfucking house
Sitting round here waiting on a dick eater
Not that I really need her
'cause we doing thangs
Crunk Ciiiitttttttyyyyyyyyy
Nigga What!
Independent 2k until infnity
J one, JT Money y'all
Disappeared in '96
Surfaced in Atlanta in 1999
Who Dat? Pimpin on Wax and shedded Blood, Sweat and Years
After Free World, getting capital was his main priority (Dat's right)

We still ickin niggas in they smelly asses (You don't know)
Rapid fire until all the studio pillars die
Crunk City Killer Commitee (Niggggggaaaa Whaaaaaattttt!)
Real Niggas run da yard so all y'all crawlers keep crawling and y'all ballers
Keep balling (Dat's right) 'cause real niggas run da yard.