JMSN - My Way (2014)

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JMSN - My Way lyrics

[Verse 1:]
There's a million things, a million things
That we'll never understand
Eventually we begin to see
What's the point in making plans

Would I believe in may not be right
But that's just the way I live life

I know I made so many mistakes
Most of the time refused to change
But through all the love and all the pain
I did things my way, my way
Ooooh ooh, my way

[Verse 2:]
I've had a thousand dreams, of how I think it should be
But maybe that's just not Gods plan
Honestly, I said honestly, it's made me a stronger man


[Verse 3:]
Sometimes I get stressed about my life
Wondering why I even try
But even if everything's not right
I'm doing it my way
Workin' and workin' day and night
I ain't got the time to be polite
Cause you know that it's my human right
To do things my way

I said my way, my way
I said my way, my way