JLS - Shy Of The Cool (Jukebox Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | This is part lyrics
, Of Shy of the cool when
, JLS were formally known at UFO
, I cant believe,...
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JLS - Shy Of The Cool (Jukebox Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: This is part lyrics
ZH: 这是部分歌词

EN: Of Shy of the cool when
ZH: 害羞,很酷的当

EN: JLS were formally known at UFO
ZH: 捷尔思正式已知不明飞行物

EN: I cant believe, finally,
ZH: 最后,我不敢相信

EN: shes tryna break out of her shell
ZH: 她委屈打破她的外壳

EN: She adimant, to accieve
ZH: 她 adimant 到 accieve

EN: Her worlds her oyster
ZH: 她世界她牡蛎

EN: you would never tell
ZH: 你不会告诉

EN: When shes so friendly. So unsuspected
ZH: 当她那么友好。所以无嫌疑

EN: This girl can walk around School
ZH: 这个女孩能走在学校附近

EN: and be respected
ZH: 得到尊重

EN: She walks around with a smile not a frown
ZH: 她能带着微笑走动不皱眉

EN: Goes home and its upside down
ZH: 下山回家和其上行

EN: Walks through the door ____ creeping
ZH: 爬行的门 ___ 的散步

EN: On the side will get her beating
ZH: 一边将得到她殴打

EN: Why oh whys this girl still weeping
ZH: 为什么哦为什么这个女孩还哭泣

EN: Cant say nuttin no cos he feels she cheatin
ZH: 不能说尼坦没有因为他感觉她怀里

EN: Shes just a few degrees shy of the cool
ZH: 她只是几度害羞的凉爽

EN: Gotta change those rules, yeah (x2)
ZH: 要更改这些规则,是的 (2)

EN: I'll find away, is what you said
ZH: 我会找到了,是你说的

EN: That phrase still rotates in my head
ZH: 这句话仍然在我的头旋转

EN: I sit there, thinking, i must can turn this around
ZH: 我坐在那里,在想,我必须可以扭转这个局面

EN: What ya gonna do when the hurt
ZH: 你都要做时伤害

EN: Turns physical
ZH: 结果物理

EN: Sendin u a message when its so sublimina
ZH: Sendin u 一条消息时其所以 sublimina

EN: Walk around with a smile not a frown
ZH: 带着微笑走不皱眉

EN: UFO is here to break it down
ZH: 不明飞行物在这里打破它

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]