J0hnny - We'll Make It lyrics

As we pick up the pieces and we're just finding out
An oncoming rush of lust, an unavoidable threat
The chemical reaction between these two, one falls in love and
The other just makes a move

Passionate and breathing heavy without a care, together they form one hell of a night, lying on the dance floor knowing what they have done
Let's get out of here to take this further, he said

Let's heat it up now baby
Let's heat it up now baby yeah
Yeah lets heat it up now baby

Lets tear apart the night like we should

Girl, I have something that I don't want to say
But ill have to explain it anyway about my true intentions

If you remember the last time you fell in love, you fell right down and got back up again, we said that this love would last forever
But now I can't stand the sight of you, you faked it

So I finally told you what you wanted to know
Take me back to the place where you wanted to go
Maybe there's a future for us, just maybe just maybe

Let's make believe this was all a dream, never happened don't know why I was so mean, we're destined to be set as one, we'll make it, we'll make it

Speak to me, so now you see, there's a more than good chance for us that we'll make it, we'll make it